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Instagram has gone live and you can now send videos and images that last few seconds to promote anything you want. This new feature allows you to stay connected with your followers in real time. Though the average live Instagram contents last for 15 seconds or less, you can achieve so much within such a brief period of time, all you need to do is to swipe right from the Instagram Home screen , and then tap on the “live” option which will appear immediately below your contents..  Here are 5 ways you can use Instagram to promote your business;

start an interactive question and answer session

This is one of the best ways to promote your business on Instagram. It simply allows you to host your potential customers and followers to a real –time video broadcasting session. This tool has a comment session below the screen; therefore your audience can simply ask their questions or make enquiries.

share newly launched product images

Do you have a new product you have just created? The new Live Instagram tool can be used to give your audience a smart and quick preview of what to expect. This may be a video preview of what benefit your followers can derive from a new product or service you just launched.

Broadcast a tutorial, demo or class

Tutorials, demos, and classes are the perfect media contents to help your followers or customers learn more about how to use your products and services. With the Instagram live tool, you can shoot longer videos that can help customers finding a business tool difficult. With this tool you don’t have to attend to customers one after the other, all you need is one video to attend to thousands or millions of customers. The live feature on Instagram can allow you shoot videos of up to 1 hour at a stretch. When you highlight your products and services through this feature, you can increase sales steadily.

show your customers “behind the scenes” of your business

Most customers would love to have a preview of what happens behind the scene, most especially your operations. You can use the live tool on Instagram to show your customers how a product is designed. You can also use this opportunity to show the faces of your team members, hence there is no need to break your website feed posts for this purpose. Remember, posts and videos used in Live Instagram, will disappear after each session has ended.

Expand your network rapidly

Your live video on Instagram comes with a share button, which allows your contents to grow viral within the shortest period of time. You can give your viewers a preview of what to expect on your next video, and for this reason, they will be eager to stay connected and will even invite their friends who may be interested in your products and services. With more invitations, your network will grow rapidly.

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