Private driving instructors in singapore

Driving schools in Singapore has always been the more expensive option to learn driving. Not only do driving schools in Singapore tax students, they also cost much more because they are a corporation. Thus having the need to earn a profit. The other alternatives are private driving instructors. There are three different schools in Singapore to cater to the different locations. The Bukit Batok Driving Centre, The Singapore Safety Driving Centre, and the Comfort Driving Centre. They are all located at different towns in Singapore to cater to the west, north as well as north west regions.

On the other hand, Private driving instructors as the name suggests are privately run by individuals, they do not belong to a corporation and as such, they do not charge a government service tax. In addition, their rates are usually about 20-30% cheaper than the rates in Schools. So the question beckons, why would anyone choose to learning driving from the schools? Well, the reason is simple. Because schools have a reputation to upkeep, they usually teach by a specific structure, this means that there are specific points that you require to pass in order to continue to the next stage. This might seem like a blessing, however, if you are not able to pass that certain stage. Chances are you will be spending much more money than is usually required.

Private driving instructors in this sense are much different. Because they are privately run, they can go according to their own structure and tailor the lessons for you. this means if you require more help in a specific segment, you can always take your time to practice it on other lessons.

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There are many driving instructors in different locations, be it in woodlands, bukit batok or other parts of Singapore. However, it can be quite difficult to find a great instructor via the word of mouth. As such, it is important to find websites that will be able to source you with the best instructor that is suited to your way of learning.

The cost for each private driving lesson can cost up to $45 per hour while an hour in the school will cost you about $60 after GST. As such, it is important to choose from the start which path you would like to take in view of the hefty cost involved both ways.

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