5 ways to keep your employees engaged during the holidays

Employees can easily get carried away by the freedom of going on vacations, especially during the holidays, therefore it is important for business owners to get them involved in positive activities that will ensure that they don’t get carried away for too long. The holiday season is filled with lots of fun and excitement, but it may reduce productivity of the business if not checked properly. Here are five ways to keep your employees engaged during the holidays;

Set minor goals for them

They are on legitimate holidays but their minds should not be allowed to wander around for too long, therefore you should aim at setting small tasks that will occupy a little of their time. Make sure they communicate back through emails or other apps to ensure that they are actually active.

Organize a mini getaway program

A few hour upgrading seminar, or conference during the holidays can help your employees stay updated on modern ways of handling their duties more professionally. You may organize a day conference on a new technology that will facilitate their duties, or a conference on business ethics and staff inter-relations. Temporary programs will help your employees become upgraded before they resume after the holidays , and such programs may also boost their productivities.

Organize a party for them

If you want to keep your employees close during the holidays, then you should allow them to choose a vacation spots where everyone can go and have some fun. This will help you monitor them properly. Alternatively, you may organize a party for them somewhere in town and provide them with wonderful gifts that will motivate them ahead of their resumption at work, after the holidays. Keeping your employees together during the holidays will definitely improve company inter-relations.

Celebrate success

The end of the year holiday season is usually one of the best periods to celebrate the outstanding achievements of dedicated employees. You need to ensure that it is not just an end-of-the-year party , make sure awards are handed out to outstanding employees from various departments and you acknowledge the efforts of all those who make tremendous contributions to the success of the organization. When excellence are rewarded, it creates a healthy competition between employees because everyone wants to be noticed.

Hand them group tasks

Giving staffs individual tasks during the holidays may seem too much for them , however, group tasks will help them stay and work together while maintaining strong communication. When tasks are given as collective duties during the holiday, it means no employee will be left out because such tasks will be broken down into smaller units and then group members must still set up meetings where they can discuss on their research findings. Group tasks will ensure that employees  retain some focus even though it is quite easy to get carried away during the holidays. Similarly, if you want to get them motivated further, you may want to give them some bonus when such holiday tasks are successfully completed.


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