5 Software Tips To Boost Your Business Productivity

There are a lot of companies struggling to make decisions about which proper business system should be used to manage their operations. Short-term acceleration goals are needed to create revenues for the company, so appropriate forecasting must be done first for an integrated software system. Here are the following five software tips to boost your business productivity:

1.     CRM and ERP System Integration

The CRM (Customer Resource Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration into, for example, the Nam Seng Cargo’s enterprise website is extremely important to any business like forklift rental in Singapore. This is the company’s holistic approach to compatibility in dealing the whole business processes such as payrolls of trucks and forklift employees, leads, shipping of goods, and customer management.

The single-click connectivity is just required to implement the data management software and office tools for tracking of the current job order. This is totally opposite to other productivity solutions that function independently.

2.     Applicant Tracking System and HRIS

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is a simple way for a Singaporean based rental company Nam Seng Cargo to reach out to more qualified candidates. If new applications arrive, the company automatically receives alerts on their posted jobs. The shared evaluation data on the candidate’s information can be easily retrieved eliminating the need to do repetitive specialized forklift trainings.

3.     Mobile Technology and the Cloud

Mobile technology and clouding completely change the way companies carry out business. Nam Seng Cargo ships items in one store to customers from other nearby stores by connecting mobile devices to the cloud. Their workers function based on their knowledge and skills and perform their cashiering job. They can also answer trucks and forklift requests whenever the customers question about their various types of machinery.

4.     Time Tracking Software

A core component in business productivity is time management. So, using affordable web-based tracking software such as Rescue Time helps in automatically updating the whole system without charges at a minimal supervision.

Nam Seng Cargo also uses this software for the workers’ payrolls to automatically calculate using their work time. But their workers cannot log in unless they use a web browser. All data is stored in the cloud, so no risk for corrupted files if servers get hacked. This software saves time and money spend in the data recovery.

5.     Communication Software

Collaboration software options such as Office 365 offer an all-in-one communication platform including Skype, e-mail, SMS messaging, and SharePoint file sharing. Nam Seng Cargo also uses this solution for their workers to increase average employee productivity and give happy working experiences.


Installation of many different applications can be prevented in many ways in various functional areas. So, we can be ready to face software integration challenges and be prepared with any inefficient business processes. The more of these solutions that the company uses, the more they seamlessly work to save time, improve efficiency, and offer a greater boost to the business productivity.

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